Welcome to the new wave in energy.

Community Hydro's founder, Lori Barg, is on sabbatical from consulting and taking a couple of years off to design affordable, low-head hydroelectric power generation equipment. Check back for results in 2015.

Community Hydro works with municipalities, schools, businesses and industry to install small, low-impact hydroelectric turbines at existing dams and damless diversion structures. We specialize in generating power from municipal water systems and wastewater treatment facilities.

Our projects present minimal impacts to rivers, fish and wildlife. Our services include initial site assessments, feasibility studies, engineering, utility negotiations, federal and state permitting and financing options, including sales of renewable energy credits.

Homeowners, small systems-developing countries: Here's some help for your small hydro projects.

Small hydroelectric development is the wave of the past … and the wave of the future. Here's proof!

Community Hydro, LLC
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